Put your hands together and give a roaring welcome to the annual Housing and Construction awards ceremony, hosted by Master Builders’ Queensland.

We love the Housing and Construction awards! It’s such a great way to appreciate the past years’ spectacular builds, hardworking builders, and cutting-edge civil infrastructure.

It’s a time to reflect on your community and the Aussie nation as a whole. It’s a time to appreciate the hardworking efforts of everyone in your community. It’s a time to soak up all the industry’s wins of the year. Most importantly, it’s a time to shed light on the possibilities of a career in the construction industry.

No, we’re not getting teary-eyed here; you are!

All jokes aside, if you’re not yet familiar with the Housing and Construction Awards, let us get you acquainted:

A look into the Housing and Construction Awards

First, let’s talk about the best builds.

The Housing and Construction Awards brings together the best of building projects around Australia. We’re talking display homes, contract homes, apartment blocks, hospitals, offices, outback bridge or inner-city transport hubs– you name it.

Last year saw the win of Hutchinson Builders with their stunning Seaview Terrace residential build. Next time you google the definition of innovation, the Hutchinson build should be the top result. It truly is remarkable.

Crowned king for its ability to combine sustainability and luxury all in one, this win is well deserved.

Apart from highlighting the best builds, we’ve got to highlight some of the best people and businesses in the Housing and Construction Industry, too!

 “From apprentices to trade contractors and small family businesses to the biggest names in the building and construction industry, there’s an award to suit everyone.”

In the 2020 National Awards, the apprentice of the year title was awarded to Mel Ransley from Tasmania. By 23, she had been named the TOP apprentice in Australia and a master in her trade of Carpentry – kudos to her indeed.

This type of acknowledgement is why we love this event- it shows how the building and construction industry can be such a rewarding career pathway that’s open to everyone.

It’s all about highlighting the positive possibilities of a career in construction to younger Australian men and women.
And let us tell you now – the possibilities are endless.

Now you know why it’s so great, we want to know: Who will you nominate?

If you’re unsure, ask yourself: What’s something you’ve seen in the housing and construction industry that has inspired you in the past six months?

• Was it the hardworking efforts of a young apprentice like Mel Ransley?

• Maybe it was a beautifully designed home similar to the Seaview Terrace?

• Or perhaps it was the sight of a community build project finally finished- all lit up in its’ dazzling glory?

No matter the case, you too can have your say! Sign-ups are all based online, all it takes is a few clicks, and you’re in. If you’d like to register, we highly encourage it!

Save the date!

Sign-ups are closing soon, so you better get in before it’s too late. The Brisbane Awards ceremony is taking place Friday, 16th July 2021, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. So you better book it in. Will we see you there?

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