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Five reasons why using local trade, construction and building businesses is
good for you and your community.

What are the benefits of using local trade, building, and other services in your area instead of larger national building companies and services?
Well, there are many.

  1. Local job creation – When you use a local builder to renovate or build your new home or hire a local crane hire service to install your swimming pool to add value to your home, you’re supporting and creating jobs in your town!

The busier a business gets, the more people it has to employ, and most of those people are locals. So, when you support your local crane hire
business or local building company, you could be creating employment for your Son, Daughter, Mum, Dad, or neighbour. Either way, you’re supporting local employment and businesses, stimulating your local economy, so everyone prospers.

  1. Keeping the money in your community – When you choose a local building or construction company to support your new home build, renovation or upgrade- a large percentage of the money you spend stays in your local community. That’s good for you, the people in your town and your local economy!
  1. Local services can help reduce your community carbon footprint
    The local builders, plumbers, and other businesses in your local area live in your community too.
    So, they care about their local environment just as much as you do.
    And because they are smaller in size, their plastic use, wastage, and carbon footprint are usually much smaller, making them environmentally friendlier than larger nationwide stores and franchises.
    Peace out to harmful waste and carbon emissions!
  1. Buy from people who care – Another benefit of going local when upgrading, renovating, or building a home is that those construction businesses are often family-owned and operated by people you
    may already know and trust.

Local businesses care about you and every customer they have, the wellbeing of the people in their local community, and the future of their town.

Take Regal Crane Hire, for example. We’re a family-owned and operated business at heart and always will be. We love helping out the local members of our community and building relationships. Caring is at our core. And in turn, customers and suppliers love supporting us locally because they know we have their best interests at heart.

  1. Personal accountability – Using your local building and trade services also means the business owners are more personable and accountable, which is a win/win for you and them because you all live in the same community.

What can you do to support your local trade, construction, or other
businesses in your local community?

Well, you can:
• Use local services, builders, plumbers, mechanics, crane hire and rigging, and other
• Buy any home upgrade tools locally
• Leave reviews about your local building and retail businesses online
• Recommend businesses you’ve used to other people in your community
• And more!

Thank you so much to Annette and the team at Regal Crane Hire. They reached out to us late last year and visited all 3 of our vacation care locations free of charge. We were able to give all the children at our sites the chance to see their cranes, watch them operate,
and even hop in the cab! – Amy Moss

If you’re a business owner, you can support your community and fellow business owners by:
• Create a unique ‘Locals only’ offer
• Sponsoring a local business or another event
• Purchasing any building materials locally
• Doing a cross-promotion with another business in your community. Let’s say you’re a pool builder or installer. You could do a cross-promotion with your local crane hire service.
• Business networking is another popular way to support your local community and fellow business owners

The positive impacts of supporting your local businesses when renovating or building a home in your local area are many. Buying and using local services benefits you; your family stimulates property values, your towns’ economy, and employment for the long-term prosperity of your community.

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