Five must-have tips for swimming pool installation success!

By Regal Crane Hire, Brisbane Gold Coast

Preparing to install a swimming pool at your home. Exciting! No matter the size or shape, a pool is a great addition and asset that will deliver endless hours of enjoyment to young and old, while increasing your home’s value.

However, while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of buying a prefabricated pool or having an inground pool built, the other part of the puzzle to swimming pool success lies in the installation of your swimming pool.

Isn’t pool installation my pool builder’s responsibility?

Yes, but you’re the one paying for it. This is an investment in your home and lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to oversee everything and remember that not all pools, pool installers or builders are equal.

Five must-have tips to prepare your home for a pool installation made easy!

  1. Pool building installation, certifications and approvals

In most cases, your pool builder will take care of tasks and submitting paperwork with your local council and government as per the pool legislation in your state, before installing your pool. This paperwork can include structural stability before approval to ensure that your pool is structurally sound, water supply and sewerage approval and building approvals and certifications.

In sloping or difficult pool installation sites, your pool builder or installer may be required to get approved advice from a qualified engineer as well.

  • What is the soil and terrain conditions of where you want to install your swimming pool?

If you are installing a swimming pool on a flat site, it’s a lot easier and cheaper. If you have a sloping block, hard to access area, or the ground is made of hard rock, for example, chances are your pool construction and installation will incur a higher cost.

As a crane hire service, we’ve lifted many prefabricated swimming pools into some pretty tight spots for households across Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Ultimately you don’t know what’s under the ground until they start the dig for your pool either; however, most competent pool installers and builders will have a fair idea of the soil conditions in your area.

Choosing a pool installer or builder

It’s not a bad idea to ask any family or friends who have built a pool before you if there is anyone they can recommend.

It also pays to ask them what they would do differently if they installed or built another pool, too.

Another resource for finding quality pool installation services and builders is The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA).

This is a self-regulated organisation in which members agree to abide by its rules, regulations and strict code of ethics in the conduct of their business. It is also the recognised authority on pools and spas, equipment and maintenance.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) association consist of leading pool and spa builders, equipment and chemical suppliers, and service organisations, such as pool shops. They can be easily identified as they all proudly display the SPASA logo.

This is one of the biggest mistakes many people make when installing a swimming pool. We also think your pool builder or installer should be held accountable to a degree on the location of your pool; however, some people want what they want!

What are the sightlines? For example, if you have children, you need to see your swimming pool from most angles outside and from inside your house if possible.

Check for trees and other foliage. If you have many gardens or large trees, try to position your swimming pool as far away from them as you can. You want to be able to swim in your pool, not be scooping leaves, and mess out of it every day because you installed your pool under a tall gumtree.

Of course, an upside of having plenty of larger trees around your pool provides natural shade and helps shelter your pool, so less water evaporates.

Sun exposure. Does your pool site receive a lot of sun, partial sun, or full shade? It would be best if you considered this. The sun will warm your pool naturally, which is good. So before installing a swimming pool at home, talk to your pool builder so that you get the best of both worlds. Try to put your pool in a position that receives sunshine for some of the day and protective shade in other parts of the day.

  • Got enough access and chillin’ out space around your pool?

You’d be surprised how many people will install a pool to then discover the entry and exit

points aren’t as user friendly as they could be.

Don’t forget to allow and allocate space for a few sun lounges, deck chairs maybe even a barbeque area for lounging around your pool as well.

  • To build an Inground Pool or Install a Prefabricated Fibreglass pool?

There are pros and cons to both options

Installing a prefabricated fibreglass pool is generally cheaper than building an inground pool providing your pool is on a flat block.

However, you may need a crane hire to lift the pool into your background if your pool is going in the backyard and there is no access.

There are also many smaller pools available these days where even new homes are being built with just a plunge pool in them.

This makes sense. It saves you time and money on pool maintenance and is still the right size for a quick swim. But it’s probably not the best option for you if you’re a growing family planning on staying in the house you have now for the long term.


Based on our experience of providing crane hire services to pool installers and builders into some of the biggest and smallest backyards in and around Brisbane and The Gold Coast, taking the time to prepare your home for a pool installation is vital. Selecting the size, shape, and colour of your swimming pool is only half the equation, and there are lots to consider, so keep your feet on the ground, have fun with it and enjoy your swim.

Check out the latest images of a pool installation at Mt Gravatt we recently completed.

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